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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by uniqueweasel View Post
Am I the only one that can't quite decide on it still?

I mean I watched it first time, flat out was disappointed, went a week later for a second viewing and liked it, but now after seeing it again by lets say 'various methods' I am back again in the not impressed camp. Granted i'm not going to list too many nitpicks/moans whatever you want to call it, as many posters before me have given excellent points to argue both ways. But my personal impression at this point, and to answer the op's question, yes I feel TDKR does let the trilogy down.

Now thats not to say it's a bad film, I mean we had a great looking film with great set design, accompanying soundtrack that helps drive scenes. But it's not enough to cover the story for me. To me there just seems a hollowness on watching it, not all of it might I add, for example the sewer fight is brilliance, you actually fear for Batman in that scene and feel the helplessness. But overall I find after viewing there is a feeling that, the film you have just seen isn't the film it should of been, like a basis of ideas that isn't quite fleshed out to the point of making a smooth story, it feels somewhat disjointed at times.

One my second viewing I tried to pass it off as me placing unfair hype onto it that it could never live up to. But on viewings there after the problems for me still surface, but on the same note I can't exactly dismiss it as a bad film. It just isn't quite the film that we needed to finish this trilogy off and take it to the level of brilliance.
The first time I saw Rises, I simply didn't knew what to feel about the movie. I didn't hated, but was strange, maybe because I wasn't expecting some paralels, flashbacks and the way the story was developed. I didn't had an opinion, but I kinda accepted the movie the way it was.
Then I watched the second time and I think was better than the first because I started to realize some things that in the first I didn't because I was anxious. Rises made me thought about things from Begins and TDK that never occurred to me and how some aspects are fulfilled by the three movies.
I'm not saying the movie is perfect, none of them are. But I liked to see that Nolan did some things I never thought he could, like include Selina Kyle and Bane, see Alfred leaving Bruce and let him in a miserable way, without anyone and anything, showing the consequences of Bruce and Gordon choices.
As movie itself, I still prefer The Dark Knight, but Rises didn't
disappointed me.

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