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Default Re: The (potential) Masters of Evil thread

I'm having a hard time believing the Masters of Evil will be in Avengers 2 ...feel like all the characters wouldnt be devloped enough we don't even know if majority of the orginals will be featured in any of the phase two movies....would be same group from the comics or something new my theory of who would be in would be Thanos as master mind, Zemo, Crossbones..Loki, Echantress, Radioactive man ( if featured)..idk I feel like MoE will work but this film franchise is here for long run and there is no rush to be them in yet..maybe next year or when phase II gets under way, id really have an opinion change, at this time I can see it, just having a hard time beliving it.

Regards to Roger Wardell , he may or may no be as credible as we believe but hes does bring a lot of great topics to disscuss while we wait for more information about all these marvel movies that are in the process of being made.

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