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Default Re: The Batsuit Master Thread - Part 2

I don't know how I didn't find this thread sooner. This is my new favorite thread. Last year for Halloween my girlfriend and I dressed up as Batman and Catwoman right before heading into HARD HAUNTED. Unfortunately I couldn't bring my mask in but I think people got who we were regardless.

So for the mask I took a generic paper mache mask and modified it using copious amounts of masking tape (no pun intended)


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4 - Ears

Then I cut a bunch of pieces of foam paper and sprayed the whole thing black. I was going to put a layer of stretch vinyl fabric but I ran out of time.

The rest of the costume were items I purchased. The gloves I bought at comic-con years prior, the belt pouches were from a military website, the boots were old work boots. We haphazardly made boot spats and trunks the day of.

One of my good friend's grandma made me a costume back when I was in highschool out of heavy vinyl, like for upholstery. I ignorantly picked the thickest, worse fabric EVER and as a result, I can't stay in that particular suit longer than a few minutes before dying of heat.

Fortunately she picked the material to make the cape and so I have an awesome Batman cape thanks to her.

On Halloween we suited up for what would be a pretty awesome night. (On a side note Soulwax was headlining HARD that year, if anyone cares)

She made the belt out of a thin black belt with cardboard ovals covered in yellow fabric. The cat ears were a just cardboard and tape. She purchased the gloves and the boots. The "Zentai" suits were from a costume store in Santa Monica. We spray painted the mask (more of a surprisingly comfortable helmet costume fitted to my head) as well as symbol on hours before we left. Needless to say I smelled delicious and intoxicating. I had an eroding bat symbol on my chest for days to come.
Here are pictures from that night

Not entirely happy with the results but I am satisfied with my first attempt.

I would like to have another go at these costumes and finish right in time for comic-con.

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