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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
The entire "bomb" climax in TDKR. Still not buying into the "driving a bomb around the city for months" thing. Seemed stupid and retroactive. It's like they needed some excuse to keep Gotham alive while Bruce was recovering in the pit.

No 8 year break (maybe one or two years)
More creative villain after TDK, i.e. not use the League of Shadows AGAIN.
No Talia. She was wasted and done poorly.
Different use of Scarecrow in TDKR. Either don't use him at all or make him important. The court scene was a waste for one of my favorite and most creative Batman villains.
Remove the Tumbler chase scene in BB. Driving on rooftops? Really???

I know there are more I can't think of right off.
Flying. Flying on rooftops.

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