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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post

In Aug Hugh Jackman said that The Wolverine would be a "stand alone" film w/o a lot of mutants etc.

Then Millar comes in recently promoting The Wolverine as Mickey Mouse the starting point of the Fox Marvel Universe.

So which one is it?
"People keep saying that they want to see all of the Marvel Universe in one place, but what I try to explain to them is that if Marvel Studios had the rights to all the stuff set up at other studios, they wouldn't have the money to make all the other movies they're making. You wouldn't be getting 'Guardians of the Galaxy' or 'Ant-Man' because those slots would be filled up with a Wolverine movie or a Fantastic Four movie. There's only a finite amount of movies they can make." Mark Millar~

It's quite interesting that someone at Fox is finally acknowledging this rising issue. But I don't think he's being completely truthful in this statement. Marvel licensed those properties to Fox during a period of desperation while trying to avoid bankruptcy. And Fox capitalized off of it via a 90 to 10% split in box office revenue and literally pennies off of DVD sales. Now does that sound like a deal Marvel Studios would make with Fox today? Speaking of money, wasn't it Fox's constancy of cutting corner$ that diminished their returns and quality in the first place?

Funny how he brings up Antman when recent news told us that Fox changed the Peanuts movie to the same date which will likely crush it.

Guess Marvel hasn't taken any of his calls.
The Wolverine was probably entirely standalone before they decided they wanted to create a 'cinematic universe' so that films feel more like part of one big saga (as should have been happening from the beginning, though we can forgive the uncertainties in the early days when comic book movies were box office poison after Batman & Robin).

At present, it's standalone in the sense of not being packed with other characters (like XMO: Wolverine was) but it has been placed within the overall franchise rather than existing entirely as its own thing in some unspecified timeline.

Millar means that if the rights to all these heroes were all at Marvel, we wouldn't be getting the number of films we are getting at the moment. It would be a much longer wait to see some of them on screen.

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