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Default Create Your Own Universes

As RPers, we tend to more often-than-not lend ourselves to creativity on a constant basis. We're constantly creating new ideas for new applications, and especially these days, it seems that the big interest is starting from scratch and going about classic characters in an "Ultimate" fashion - taking icons and making them contemporary, changing a few things here or there, and even completely revitalizing some concepts that haven't stood the test of time.

Well, in the interest of sparking some creative discussion, I thought this might be fun: Create your own version of any universe, from top to bottom. Change as much as you want, present concepts for key characters, teams, cities, planets, anything you want. It can be DC, Marvel, Indie, even non-Comic universes like Star Wars, Trek, Firefly, you name it. I know we've all thought about it at least once, so it'd be cool to hear about them.

If you were in charge of a full-on reboot/revamp of anything, what would you do?

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