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Default Re: Peanuts Movie to Open Against Marvel's Ant-Man!

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Thor- super strong. Lightning based powers. Bad-ass hammer.
Ant-Man- Shrinks. Talks to ants.

...yeah, I don't think you can claim Ant-Man is on equal footing with Thor in terms of marketability. I love Hank Pym, but on paper, he's more snicker worthy than Aquaman.
I meant in terms of people's unfamiliarity with the franchise, not whatever marketing shenanigans they come up with. I'm sure marketing for Ant Man will be a pain in the ass. BUT if they show like, I dunno, Nick Fury talking to Ant Man in the movie and put that in the trailer than people will go, "OH HEY THIS IS ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE AVENGERS MOVIES" and it increases their likelihood of watching it.

Batman probably looked terrible on paper to the people of the '40s, luckily kids read the comic books, loved them, and then when they grew up made the Adam West show and various serials. Familiarity solves all problems--including your guy not having any powers at all, dressing like a bat, and fighting an evil clown.

(Full disclosure: Batman is actually my favorite superhero so don't think this is me pretending I don't enjoy that universe, haha)

On a tangential note, since you bring up his powers, Ant Man's powers make no sense to me, as he can also get larger, and then he has super strength. But when he gets smaller the point is he has the proportional strength of a full sized human. Well when he gets super big he should also only be as strong as a regular sized human, logically, right?

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