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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
The Wolverine was probably entirely standalone before they decided they wanted to create a 'cinematic universe' so that films feel more like part of one big saga (as should have been happening from the beginning, though we can forgive the uncertainties in the early days when comic book movies were box office poison after Batman & Robin).

At present, it's standalone in the sense of not being packed with other characters (like XMO: Wolverine was) but it has been placed within the overall franchise rather than existing entirely as its own thing in some unspecified timeline.
I think I'll go with what Hugh Jackman was saying initially since he comes off more genuine as opposed to Millar trying to sell us a used car.

Ironman was also a stand alone film as well but Kevin Feige wasn't marketing Tony Stark as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or anything else.

Plus Marvel had a goal which was to bring them all together in Avengers. What's Fox's goal past 2014?

It's one thing to say you wanna emulate Marvel's format and it's another to actually do it.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Millar means that if the rights to all these heroes were all at Marvel, we wouldn't be getting the number of films we are getting at the moment. It would be a much longer wait to see some of them on screen.
Yeah I was thinking about that earlier... As it stands Marvel might be able to squeeze in a 3rd film per year as success continues to grow. And by Phase 4 they could do as many as 4 films per year:

-A Feb/March release for their low key character ala Ghost Ridder (only better quality) such as Luck Cage, Dr. Strange or even a Blade reboot. A Daredevil reboot would be worthy of an April release.
-A May release for their flag ship characters like Ironman or Avengers
-A July/Aug release for already established Avengers members like Cap and Thor sequels.
-A Nov release for newer character in the 75-100 mill budget range like Black Panther, Inhumans

Granted this is wishful thinking, as it stands now I'd rather wait for a quality Comic book adaptation vs a rushed disappointment. And last I counted, Fox has only one decent film in 7 years.

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