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Default Re: Will They/Should They Bring Back Boba Fett?

Originally Posted by brett66 View Post
Unless Mandalorians factor heavily in the story, absolutely not. I can't think of a more pointless character developing such a large fan following.
He's a awesomely designed character. Plain and simple. The EU loves him and he's definitely portrayed as more of a bad ass and even George Lucas, himself, regrets killing him off. And how can you have anything Star Wars without a Mandalorian thrown in the mix?

Boba was never a main focus point in SW anyway, but his story IS intertwined with both the OT and PT, so why not just have him pop in for the next set? It wouldn't hurt and I'm sure just seeing him would please all the Fett fans, myself included.

Or just give him his own movie. I'd be more than happy to "settle" for something like that.

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