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Default Re: Will They/Should They Bring Back Boba Fett?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
They could also introduce a common enemy into the new Trilogy, or at least in one of the movies. Fett gets screwed over, so either Boba himself or his offspring decide to join the good guys, to get some old fashioned payback. So you could have a Bounty Hunter on the good side for once. Would be fun to watch an ally who knows how to play really, really dirty. And after the events, they go their separate ways again.
I wouldn't mind that neither. Depending on how far into the future they go with this one, they could maybe say one of the last clones decided to take up the mantle of Fett and all they'd have to say is the termination of the cloning facilities caused them to stop altering Jango's clones and this one was the very last survivor and unaltered. Then give him a "clean version of Boba's armor or something to pay tribute to both Jango and Boba.

or like you originally said, just being Boba's son would work But there's so many simple ways they can make it happen, I just hope they decide to actually use one.

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