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Default Re: Coleman Reese is the Riddler

Talking about it, I guess it was made in service of of the story they wanted to play. Could they made Reese the Riddler? Yes. Could they made Wuertz and Ramirez into Bullock and Montoya? Of course! But in the end, naming the characters as such could be made into greater deviations that we wouldn't like. For example, giving prominency to Reese as The Riddler would require us to want to see him a little more. Same thing with Wuertz and Montoya. For example, I wouldn't want Bullock to be like Wuertz, and Montoya as Ramirez, even if I liked Ramirez character.

The only one who could had a comic book counterpart would be Jen. Why didn't they used the name? But all in all, they are just nods at most.


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