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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
They probably figure the rights are too lucrative to just hand back for free. You need to get your business head on, not just your fanboy head!
True but that's only if the film is considered profitable....

Unlike Sony who did at least have 2 decent Spider-man films the FF franchise was a wash. So rebooting it will be a harder task.

And with all the heavy hitters that are releasing in 2015, an FF reboot that wasn't that well received the first time around could likely be crushed. Which would be a 130+ million invested down the drain.

Fox isn't stupid, They'll be keeping a close eye on how The Wolverine aka "Mickey Mouse" does. And just like how Battleship flopped and Paramount pushed back G.I. Joe's sequel (because they know its crap). Fox will halt any endeavors currently on the table other than DOFP if The Wolverine fails to make a decent profit.

So lets hope for the best.

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