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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Part 3

"Maybe you didn't hear me the first time, but MJ's been kidnapped, probably due to dating me and who my father is! So please excuse me if I can't calm the **** down!"

Harry Osborn was upset, understandably so. He had come to Peter and Gwen's apartment a mere ten minutes ago, hysterical, saying somebody broke into Mary Jane's home yesterday evening. There were signs of a struggle police say, and Mary Jane has been missing since without a trace.

Peter and Gwen were worried as well, but Peter tried to remain calm, knowing that acting as Harry is would only compound the matter.

"It's going to be okay, Harry", Gwen consoled, "my father and the rest of force will find her. She'll be safe,'s important to believe that."

"Yeah", Harry nodded as he took a deep breath and rubbed his eyes with thumb and index finger of his right hand.

"You're right...she'll be okay. And whoever did this is going to pay. I'll make sure of that", Harry stated, his face turning into a scowl.

"I'll be back", Peter said as he went to grab his jacket.
"I'm going down to talk with Detective Sawyer...see if she's knows anything about what happened. Any news I hear, I'll call immediately and let you know."

"Don't worry, buddy", Peter said as he knelt down next to Harry, reaching out and grabbing his shoulder and giving it a reassuring squeeze, "we'll get her back."

"Thanks, Pete", Harry said as he forced a smile.
"And thank you too, Gwen. Both of you are amazing friends. I don't think I could deal with this without you two."

Peter said goodbye to Harry and Gwen and left. But he didn't go to talk with Maggie Sawyer. Instead Peter made a trip to Mary Jane's house. Waiting until he had a window free from prying eyes (a window easily discerned thanks to Peter's spider-sense), Peter made his way past the police tape that was still up, and inside the house.

"Ugh", Peter said as he pinched his nose closed and cringed, "smells like the old frat house in here."

Peter presses through the stench, making his way into the kitchen, where the signs of a struggle are apparent. The table is split in two, a chair lays broken into pieces, as though it was smashed over something, and, most glaring of all, was a large hole in the wall where the kitchen window once was.

Failed to mention that in the report, Peter thought as he stepped closer, noticing strange claw marks around the edges of the breech.

Interesting, Peter thought as he was filled with a bit of dread at this revelation.
Whatever did this was definitely not human. Mutant perhaps? Either way, I think Spider-Man should definitely look into this.


Compared to the events of earlier in the evening, all was quiet now in the residence of Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Harry had left to go home to try and get some rest, and Gwen was sitting quietly at the dinner table when Peter came home, sipping a cup of coffee as she stared blankly ahead, lost in her thoughts.

, Gwen spoke as she rose to greet Peter, having been snapped back to reality from her thinking.
"Any news to report?"

She was really worried, Peter could tell. MJ was one of Gwen's best friends, and with Harry gone and her by herself, Gwen had time to sit down and be alone with her thoughts. Something that can be a bad thing for a worried person.

Peter thought about not telling her the truth of what he found, that it'd only worry her more. But, something made him go against that logic.
So Peter told her about what he found, and how he thought it wasn't human. Gwen was predictably taken aback, but surprisingly to Peter, was more in a state of shock due to revelation than to horror.

"Oh my god...", Gwen exclaimed in a hushed tone.
"Basil's article...he couldn't be right..."

"Basil's article", Peter asked, confused?

"Basil Karlo, a reporter at the Bugle, wrote a piece on a rash of home abductions of late that have the police running in circles. I took a few crime scene photos for the article"
, Gwen explained.

"I don't recall ever seeing an article like that", Peter states, still a bit perplexed.

"That's because it never ran"
, Gwen answered.
"They all seemed to happen in the dead of night, and so there are only a couple of supposed witnesses. The reason it was never published by the Bugle is that one of the few witnesses claimed to have seen a large monster taking a little girl into the sewers the night a girl went missing in the same vicinity. But when I took the pictures, I never saw any claw marks or anything else to indicate it could've been possibly a mutant, or some kind"

"Maybe this time they just got a bit sloppy", Peter suggested.
"Either way, it seems there's a bit more to this thing than just MJ."

Like quite possibly this is a sign that the Jackal has resurfaced. Which would mean it's time for round numero two with that scumbag.

"I can see it possibly being some evil mutant, but I can't believe it's a monster."

"I ever tell you how much I love your skepticism, baby"
, Peter asks with a smirk as he leans in and gives Gwen a kiss.
"But these are strange times we're living in, what with flying men with capes and people being born who can read minds..."

"I suppose..."

"I was going to go check on Harry if that's cool with you", Peter asks.
"Make sure he's doing okay."

"Definitely, go. Harry could use a best friend right about now", Gwen said with a warm smile.
"And if you hear anything call me and tell me. I don't care what time of night it is, okay?"

"You got it, baby"
, Peter said as he leaned in and gave Gwen a goodbye kiss.
"I love you."

"I love you too."

, Gwen called out as Peter was reaching for the door handle before turning to regard her.
"Be careful out there, okay?"

"Don't worry, babe", Peter smiled, "I'll be fine."


2 Hours Later...

"Love you too, baby. See you in the morning...good night."

Spider-Man stands outside a large storm drain where water is rushing into the man-made caverns that is New York's maze-like sewer system.

After a brief stop by Harry's to make sure he was going to be okay, Peter went and did a bit of research on the reported monster siting as well as pulling up schematics of the city's sewer system.
Armed with the information, Peter donned his Spider-Man garb, and as the Web Slinger, he made his way to the nearest entrance into the Night Below.

It was now eleven fifteen at night, and Peter was just finishing a call to Gwen, letting her know that he was going to stay at Harry's tonight and go to work from there.

Feel like I'm a freakin' kid again with all this duplicity, Peter sighed as the thought crossed his mind.

"Such is the glamorous life of the costumed hero", Peter exclaimed, and the Wall Crawler leaped down, sticking to the wall above the storm drain.

"And into the abyss I go..."

Spider-Man crawled inside the pipe, traversing the ceiling, the water rushing past him below as he entered the eerie darkness...

"Take the risk of thinking for yourself, much more happiness, truth, beauty, and wisdom will come to you that way."

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