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Hot on the heels of today's Square Enix Character Pack DLC and all the pre-order content, Squeenix has followed up with an announcement for its slate of Holiday content for Sleeping Dogs, detailing the next chunk of proper "gameplay-extending" DLC.
Alongside the 'Gangland Style Pack', which brings a bunch of lovely tats and other mobster outfits, and the Drunken Fist Pack that transforms Wei Shen into a proper Drunken Master a la Jackie Chan back in the day, Sleeping Dogs is to receive the Zodiac Tournament Pack.
Boasting a story ripped straight from kung-fu classic Enter the Dragon, Wei Shen finds himself travelling to a hidden island to participate in a martial arts tournament. Will the final boss have a clawed hand and a hall of mirrors? We can only hope.
Check out the details of Sleeping Dogs' forthcoming Holiday content right here:

Drunken Fist Pack - With the Drunken Fist pack, Wei unleashes this exclusive fighting style. While in combat, filling the face meter will enable Wei to drink from a flask of potent alcohol and perform unique special moves and powerful counters unavailable to the sober man!
  • Rediscover a classic fighting style with this unique outfit!
  • Sway like a drunkard, hit like a muleā€¦
  • Enter the Drunken Stance and perform special moves and counters
Gangland Style Pack - Get Wei Shen freshly inked-up in a trio of tattoo schemes in this alternate costume pack. Topple the Triads in street style with a Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafia, or Maori Mongrel Mob tattoo, each with their own buff.
  • Yakuza style - Painstakingly applied with the traditional 46 needle irezumi brush, this tattoo will slow your heat rate by 50%
  • Russian Mob style - A complete history on your skin, increasing gun accuracy by 50%
  • Mongrel Tribe Style - Leave no doubt which side of the law you are on with a 40% melee damage increase
Zodiac Tournament Pack - Join Wei Shen for the fight of his life in the second gameplay-extending add-on pack. Invited to an exclusive tournament on a hidden island off the coast of Hong Kong, Wei must overcome the best-of-the-best as he takes on fighters from across Asia in a fight to the death. The Zodiac Tournament invites you to become the dragon and unleash your fists of fury!
  • An exclusive new island off the coast of Hong Kong, featuring multiple themed fight arenas, numerous new enemies, bosses and story-extending cutscenes
  • Two new unlockable outfits featuring new looks and powerful new fighting moves
There's no dates or prices in place for any of the Sleeping Dogs Holiday content listed above just yet, but there's two screenshots from the Drunken Fist Pack and Gangland Style Pack to check out below. Enjoy.

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