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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by WallCrawler3344 View Post
The Co2 tank is behind the fluid's, the fluid's tank being closest to my palm. I see what you mean by how it wouldn't work, but more than anything I was wondering how I could get it to work with an airsoft gun. Do you have info for that, or do I have to wing it with my Dad?
You could do it with an airsoft gun but I think the switch is mechanical meaning the button is designed to push open a shrader valve. But there may be electronic ones, i haven't done the research.

If you're using an airsoft gun, the switch would open the fluid cartridge leaving the gas cartridge closed (according to what you described). UNLESS you have the gas cartridge open when its connected to the fluid cartridge. OR you could have an electronic switch that opens both at the same time.

If your dad has knowledge on this stuff that would be in my opinion a cool project to with your dad.

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