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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

BB- Have Crane develop more into Scarecrow by the end of the film, instead of just having a sack mask. Have him battle Batman in some way instead of anticlimactically being tasered by Rachel.

TDK- Trim down the ferry sequences a bit (all those long pauses where people are deciding stuff tediously). Perhaps introduce Miranda Tate here if only in a few short scenes (board meeting etc.)

TDKR - John Blake was a misstep. He should be Dick Grayson or Terry McGuinness. Develop his story better or else trim it down because it kinda bogs down the movie and was a bit generic (he's an orphan cop... that's it). He was kinda bland and not the sort of person I could ever imagine becoming Batman.

Have Bane / the LOS take over the city but NOT intend to use the bomb until things look to be going south for them. That is, go more with the Tale of Two Cities idea instead of removing its impact by turning it into a drawn out five month time bomb.

The eight year gap / Bruce quitting makes no sense following Gordon's "watchful protector, dark knight" speech. Not what I expected at all.

Stuff I would have liked to see at some point: 1. A Batman / Catwoman rooftop chase. 2. Bruce at his parent's grave. 3. Harvey Bullock.

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