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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
I don't get why people want Talia in earlier installments. Each film is supposed to be a self-contained story. Introducing a character in film 1 who has no pay off until film 3 seems rather pointless and burdensome for the earlier films to me.

Only three changes I would have made the whole series:

1) One actress plays Rachel. I don't really care if it was Holmes or Gyllenhall because while Maggie was better the role didn't require such a great actress and Holmes really only needed to die in TDK. But it would have added more weight to that sequence if it had been the same actress for two films.

2) Imply in TDKR that there have been unconfirmed sightings of Batman until 5-6 years ago when the Dent Act went into effect. Thus implying Batman had more adventures not working with the GCPD and there was a period of chaos and "freaks" post-Joker that we just didn't see.

3) I would have had the people of Gotham play a bigger role in TDKR. Perhaps more reactions to Bane's plan, the revelations about Dent and have Batman's bat galvanize the people to stand up to Bane and join the police in taking the city back. However, that is perhaps more populist than how Nolan views the character.

My three small changes. Still, a great trilogy and in terms of a cinematic representation of the character, it is definitive, in my opinion.
Yeah, I actually expected something like that to be mentioned.

I agree with your other points too. Beyond that, everything that happened in the films is pretty much what I wanted.

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