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Default Re: The Official Rate/Review Thread for TDKR (TAG SPOILERS!!!) - Part 3

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Well, you've mentioned before that the mob element wouldn't likely just disappear entirely immediately after the events of TDK. If we're being imaginative, maybe he used his "mob murderer" reputation to scare off any remaining mobsters who were trying to re-build and fill the power vacuum. Those aren't the types who'd file a police report after an encounter with The Batman.
Even in your hypothetical situation you don't have to file a Police report to have a confirmed sighting of the Batman. Nor would it be any threat to the mob to report they were threatened by Batman. Since he is now a wanted man, using the Police against Batman would work to their advantage.

It isn't like before where the Police turn a blind eye to Batman, like the Gotham citizens did, because he was cleaning up their streets. It's a different ball game now. He's wanted for several murders.

I'm just saying, I think there's an interesting story that could told there about how Batman's career slowly winded down prior to the Dent Act being signed. There's a decent amount of time to play with if you figure that a legislation like that couldn't be written overnight, never mind passed.
Well I agree that is certainly a lot more interesting than thinking he was done the night after Dent died. But alas the movie doesn't suggest otherwise.

When you hear how bad Bruce's body is in the hospital scene, you know it would have taken years for it to get in such a state.

To me, if Bruce is down in the cave, doing surveillance on Gotham...even if he's not in the suit, that's still having one foot in the door. Even if Bruce is just keeping an eye on things from that shadows for a while as things slowly get better in Gotham, that's still being a "watchful protector". It's pre-retirement.
Have you ever seen Batman Beyond? When Bruce was actively helping Terry McGuinness, the new Batman, from the Batcave. It didn't make him Batman again. Terry was Batman.

Sitting at a computer watching things doesn't make a Batman, IMO.

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