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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

Introduce him in Justice League. Use Morrison's first JLA arc for the Justice League story but with the line-up from JLU. Make Batman more fantastical and comic booky; like Arkham City. Introduce Dick Greyson and make him as young as Hit-Girl. She was everyone's favorite character in Kick-Ass because it's awesome seeing a little agile kid kicking bad guy's asses. That's what Robin should be. Get Asa Butterfield or somebody like that and throw him in the Young Justice Robin suit. Karl Urban made a great Dredd, but I think he'd make an even better Batman. They could have high-tech masks that have glowing white lenses like that one part in TDK. Batman could look like the Arkham City version. Start with Batman and Robin already established as crime-fighters and do a villain who hasn't been properly represented in film yet like Riddler or Mr. Freeze. Bam.

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