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Default Re: The Mark MILLAR Official Thread

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
Lets put this to rest..

So this means we're both right. Radiation does not create the mutation (As I've said) because the X-Gene is already present without any type of radiation, but it may trigger the already present gene to cause that mutation or further mutation to manifest (As you've said).

I didn't need to put it to rest. I knew all that already. I needed you to understand it, which you now appear to be doing. I'm glad you started doing some reading! Please read up some more on mutation and you'll start to get to grips with the subject.

You also have to bear in mind the X-gene is an invention of the comics, and is not entirely logical. It would take more than one gene to cause all those various powers and appearances. However, we could theorise that the X-gene is some sort of trigger for 'reawakening' some of the huge amount of inactive genetic material in the human body. Did you know that up to 99 per cent of our DNA is not actually active? It's what is sometimes called junk DNA. I would suggest that the X-gene wakes up some of that junk DNA (different bits in different people) and results in the many different superhuman mutations we see in the comics.

The bottom line is that radiation can cause mutation. Not always, but it can.

In the Hulk TV series, there was a great story where they found evidence of a prehistoric man who could also turn into a Hulk-like creature, and they theorised that - as there hadn't been any gamma bombs back then - it must have been radiation reaching earth from a supernova explosion in space.

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