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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

I'm getting a little sick of Laurel's catchphrase "I care about my loved ones, you should try it some time." Every time she sees Oliver practically she reminds him how she cares about others while he doesn't. In a sort of I'm better than you way.

But they have also shown that while his family and friends may come 1t, he is putting his "mission" over them and their relationship with him. They need to show him reconnect with his friends and family better, since he isn't being like Batman yet (and only targeting the names on the list and not trying to stop all crime) he could spend more time with them and not be out every night.
I am just sort of getting sick with the whole Oliver you are a spoiled jerk who doesn't care about anyone thing, he gets from his sister, his mother, his ex girl friend, her father.
But i think this show knows what its doing, slowly having him become a hero and not doing it right off the bat.

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