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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

Edward enters his sprawling home and calls Brenda his recepitionist at home and says, "Good evening Brenda sorry to bother you at such a late hour."

She replies, "Not a problem Dr. Nygma how did the evening go?"

Edward replies, "A good time had by all. I finished up the notes for the last two weeks before I left this evening. They're on my desk make sure the Medical Transcripts company gets them by the lunch tomorrow. I'll be taking care of a couple of patients for some lengthy work tomorrow and I want to make sure it's done."

Brenda says, "No problem I'll call the company in the morning."

Edward replies, "Thank you Brenda. Tell them they did a fine job last time and to take their time with these since I'm heading out of town for about two weeks. The schedule is clear and I got nothing going on here might as well indulge one of my favorite past-times."

Brenda asks, "Another ski trip?"

Edward replies, "Nope, this time a catching some hoops on the road. I need to recharge and just have a good time just killin some brain-cells."

Brenda says, "Have a good time Dr. Nygma. I'll take of the transcripts."

Edward says, "Thank you Brenda. I'll call when I get back."

Edward hangs up the phone and gets out a cell-phone with a voice and location scrambler.

Edward calls Don Tormasino and The Don says, "Hello?"

The Riddler asks, "Riddle me this: What do you use to hoe a row, slay a foe, and wring with woe?"

The Don replies, "Your hands."

The Riddler replies, "Impressive. It's how you killed your first person Don Tormasino. You picked up on that quickly truly a keen mind."

The Don says, "High praise from you Riddler."

The Riddler replies, "I know. With that in mind you have passed your final interview question. I will take this assignment. In 10 days Dr. Slayton will die and full payment is to be made within 12 hours of confirmation of his death otherwise I will be seeking you out. This is the last we will speak. Goodbye."

The Riddler hangs up the phone goes down to his workshop, drops it into the vat of acid and watches it dissolve.

Edward goes back upstairs and fixes himself a glass of wine.

He cuts on the news and watches a story on how Dr. Edward Nygma bought out every Luxury Suite at Madison Square Garden for Navy Personnel on leave in New York. How Dr. Nygma also arranged a meet and greet between them and players from both the Miami Heat & The New York Knicks.

Edward smiles and says, "Made a good peice of change at the office, did a good deed at the Garden, and will soon be collecting 10 million from a mob boss."

He sees his reflection in a window, raises his glass and says, "Good Job Edward!"

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