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Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post

I was actually fine with how they did it. IM2 feeling like an Avengers setup wasn't the issue for me. It was the weakness in the villain that was Whiplash. Setting up the Avengers though, IM2 can do that cause Tony and cast were already established in IM1. Thor I feel was appropriate because it was about Thor gaining humility to be worthy of Mjolnir by caring for those considered less powerful. CA-FA to me didn't have half the Avengers references as the others. It was a WW2 era story. Howard Stark hadn't started SHEILD yet. It had that classic movie feel.. I know folks had problems with them and I just didn't and out of all three I liked CA the best (Hayley Atwell made that movie for me)

I do understand though. I just see them different from the negative critics and in the end it all fit
What I will say about CA is that I would've preferred a little more super soldier formula use out of him. Blonksky's first battle against the Hulk showed better use of the formula than Cap did himself in both films for the most part.

So give him a little more bit and a better suit for god sake's and we've got a great sequel coming up.

I have no problem with Shield's interaction either it's what they do. Just beef up the villains in these films and know one will be able to touch Marvel Studios.

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