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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Chris View Post
And honestly it's not like TDK is the one it would be competing against, which is why i don't put it in the argument consideration. It kind of reminds me of a few years ago where I leaving a showing of TDK and this one lady talked about how she didn't think heath ledger deserved to win for the joker because he didn't win it for brokeback mountain. I remember thinking "I don't think he'll be competing against himself is he?" Never really like that kind of argument.

And these boards confuse me so much sometimes. This wasn't a spider-man 3 situation. This isn't a trilogy where the first 2 get 80 and 90 percent ratings and general audience love them and then the third one comes out and gets a 60. I mean, the response for this one is better than BB's, but you wouldn't know it by coming here. I mean I went on imdb, home of some picky dudes to keep it mildly, and it's got an 8.8, only .2 lower than TDK and i think about .5 higher than BB. I talk to regular joes at my job when we had it and would ask them their opinions, and the majority thought of it very highly. We had it for 4 months, and I haven't seen another movie get as many standing ovations for as long a run as this did.

I think in the end a lot more people overall think this deserves accolades way more than the amount of people who don't, which is the big difference between TDKR and most of the movies that Anno mentioned. Like the movie I hate for example Extremely loud and incredibly close, rotten tomatoes (not the fort knox of ratings I know but still) has that movie at 47%. 47%!!!!!, yet that was a best picture nominee. TDKR is an 87. Yeah, I think it's deserving. Definitely. It's my wish that more genre pics get noms honestly. Last years group had no guts.
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