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Default Re: Funcom tops Oslo stock exchange, invests heavily in The Secret World

The Secret World shows off upcoming raid in New York City

(3 hours ago)
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In real life, the closest thing you'll find to an eldritch horror in New York City is a half-eaten gyro that's been left in the subway for a week. But in The Secret World, the next major update is bringing some much bigger horrors into the heart of NYC. A new video from the development team explains how players will take on the game's first raid when it goes live with the fourth patch, Big Trouble in the Big Apple.

That's not all the update contains, however -- players will also be able to start up the game's second auxiliary weapon (the chainsaw) and indulge in creativity within London's Albion Theater. There's also a PvP overhaul incoming with new rewards, new vendors, and new battle modes. And even that just scratches the surface. For the full rundown of the patch's features, take a look at the lengthy preview video embedded just past the break. Continue Reading

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