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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation

Does anyone else think WB won't pull the trigger on further 2014 and 2015 titles until they announce Barry Meyer's successor next year? That behind-the-scenes drama with Robinov, Rosenbloom and Tsujihara could be causing that dearth of 2014 pics... they only have four titles set thus far, while their rivals have at least several more scheduled.

Whoever gets that prized chairman position... be it Robinov or the other two, will decide whether to go full-steam on JL or a MOS sequel. If Robinov gets the job, I think JL will be a high priority for him.

Does anyone think WB might try something bold, like a JL movie in summer 2015 (as LA Times already reported) and maybe a MOS sequel the following year? Anything's possible...

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