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Default Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 "Say The Word" Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Thunder_god View Post
Couple of things that keep recurring to me, one many of you have identified, is the zombie eatling Lori's entire body. I understand the impact the director was going for, but I would have preferred if Rick found a bloody skeleton next to the bloated zombie.

Secondly is the amount of intelligence shown by the zombie. He dragged her body around a corner for more private, safer eating. Dogs and other animals do that. It establishes a level of intelligence, not merely instinctual or residual human behavioral patterns.

I am wondering if we have more surprises coming our way, as to what these walkers are capable of.

We saw Morgans wife trying the door knob, the zombies using stones to break the glass when Rick and crew were trapped in the department store, but that was early on. They could deteriorate after a certain time. *shrugs*

...возможно счастье что-то мы можем только последовать, и возможно фактически мы можем никогда не иметь его, независимо от того, какой..
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