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Default Re: 2012 Major League Baseball: Showdown!

It's the old Marlin strategy. Fire sale the developed players for a litany of prospects. It's not quite the same for a few reasons:

A) all the developed players are going to one team, which I don't think is a great idea as far as not hedging your bets by taking several prospects from one farm system, and
B) they changed their name and are no longer playing in a piece of crap football stadium. And that's obviously a major problem for the fans, and clearly the Marlins bait and switched the holy hell out of Miami.

Business as usual for the Marlins, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. They'll always be a young, highly talented team and sometimes when they have the right mix, with the right veterans in place, they'll be a World Series contender. So, it's not like they're Pittsburgh or KC. But yeah, the City of Miami was swindled.

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