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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
So don't condemn Marvel for getting their rights back, the blame should be placed at Fox for their overall treatment of the Daredevil (and Elektra) franchise in the first place.
Lol, relax guy, no one is condemning Marvel, just making a clear observation that Marvel getting the rights back has its advantages and disadvantages just as other studios having the rights to these characters have there own advantages and disadvantages.

Definitely agree with u, that Fox were dragging their feet when it came to getting Daredevil made. But after seeing Joe Carnahan's pitch u have to admit that's something u would want to see. And at Marvel its something that we not likely to get.

Right now I love the direction Marvel is taking with their characters, I love the MCU, and I love everything that is happening with phase two. But Marvel isn't going to allow someone to come in and take a character and do something unique, like Nolan did with Batman, where u take a character in create a world for that character, that's set apart from the MCU. Where as if Carnahan approached Fox a little earlier or whatever, his pitch would stand a better chance of getting greenlit at Fox as opposed to Marvel. Are we going to see a R-Rated Marvel film in future? I wouldn't think so...

Yes Fox made some horrendous mistakes in the past (Last Stand, Wolverine Origins) but between Tom Rothman leaving (chairman of Fox, who was behind a lot of the reasons why, Last Stand and Origins were so bad), and Fox hiring Mark Millar as their superhero consultant is two steps in the right direction.

Looking at The Wolverine, and all the news coming out from that film, it certainly seems like that will be a good film, and DOFP, well that's DOFP!!

After Avengers, every studio that has a superhero film, will certainly make sure that its done right, that's why I'm giving Fox the benefit of the doubt. And forgiving them for past mistakes if they can deliver with the next 2 X films, and hopefully that leads into a X4, X:FC 2, X-Factor, X-Force a Cable, Deadpool film etc... They have the opportunity to grow their own X-Men Universe, and if they do a good job, then ill be happy with it.

the FF's right should revert back to Marvel though, they will be better in the MCU. but then again Josh Trank is on board for that and if Fox allows him freedom to tell his story, then I'm sure that will be fine.

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