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Default Re: The Avenging Spider-Man(screenplay idea)

Mmm well when it comes to characters Peter's age, its a little difficult, because if u look at the comics, Peter is younger then most Avengers but older then the Young Avengers lol... That's why the ultimate Spider-Man made Luke Cage and Iron Fist teenagers, and took Sam Alexander (Nova) and White Tiger, who are teens in the current comic continuity.

But maybe Black Cat, Johnny Storm, Mockingbird, Jessica Jones, Shang-Chi and Nova (Richard Rider - he was more or less the same age as Peter when he became Nova). These are just the characters I can think of at the moment, maybe Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch and there a few X-Men characters like Jubilee, Polaris or something.

When it comes to story, write your story, write about Spider-Man and what you want to say about the character.... Continuity shouldn't be a problem, if u look at something like Avengers and even the Dark Knight, Avengers had 5 films prior to release and TDK had Batman Begins, but both films could stand on its own. Sure there are strands that follow, but its never that big, that people who never watched any of the prior films would feel lost if they only watched Avengers and TDK.

if your story is leaning to much on other films, then its not going to be good. It needs to breath on its own, and have little nods, or some throw away line that just shows that little bit of continuity from a past film... Like in Avengers when Banner says, "last time I was in Harlem, I broke it" or something to that effect. Sure fans who watched the Incredible Hulk, knows the reference while fans who never did, don't really dwell on it, and just take it as if the hulk did some major damage.

Right your story and don't worry about what's going on with the films, when u done with your first draft, that's the time you go back and fine tune it, and add appropriate references in, but past films shouldn't change your story. Avengers can simply be viewed as a film about Special Individuals who shouldn't get along, but become a family.

Let's say u have Nick Fury recruiting spider-man giving him a hard time or whatever, and now in the films you have Fury, on the run and in hiding for whatever reason. You just revise your story so that Maria Hill is now the director of SHIELD, and she's the one trying to recruit spider-man...

Sure her interactions with Spidey, and agents would be different, but the Spidey's arc in the story will remain the same...

Hope that helps

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