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Default Re: The Official ASM Sequel News/Speculation Thread

Holly crap,The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have Electro,Green Goblin,and the symbiote.Norman Osborn needs the symbiote for his cure,but the symbiote is hiding dormat in Peter's body.The only way to get the symbiote to come out of Peter's body is with electricty.

So Norman creates Electro to fight spider-man.After spidey has taken a beating from Electro,the symbiote inside Peter's body wakes up and exits Peter's body covering him in the symbiote.

Black spider-man takes out Electro,but now Green Goblin appears and wants the symbiote.The only way to get the symbiote is by killing the host,that's what Green Goblin thinks.

Gwen dies in this,man this movie is gonna be dark.

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