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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

The Amazing Spider-Man was better than Spider-Man 3, but that's not saying much.


Peter's parents being brought up. An important part of Spider-Man's lore that was ignored in Raimi's trilogy.

Andrew Garfield was a better Spider-Man.

Loved how Flash got OWNED by Parker. Much better than the silly hallway scene in the original.

The guy that played Dr. Connors was better than Dylan Baker.

Peter beating up those gang members.

The wrestling ring as a nod to the scene with Bone Saw in the original.

The first person view as Spider-Man. Especially the web swing into the window reflection to reveal the suit. Fantastic!

Loved the dinner table conversation with Peter and Gwen's father. That was intense!

The Spider-Man Vs. Lizard fight scenes

Lizard wearing the lab coat.

The police mowing down The Lizard Michael Myers style. I wouldn't have minded if he died like that!

The rain scene. Reminded me of Daredevil.

The Man In The Shadows. If its not Norman Osbourne, its got to be Mysterio. I didn't notice he had a fedora hat with him until now.


Couldn't take Martin Sheen and Sally Field seriously. They overshadow their roles.

Andrew Garfield sucks as Peter Parker.

The way Uncle Ben's fate was handled.

Not a fan of the modified Spider-Man outfit.

I like Emma Stone, but as Gwen Stacy, she reminded me too much of Hilary Duff.

Mechanical webshooters being brought back. The organic webshooters were better.

The slow-motion effect was overused. It was cool the first time then it got annoying.

Hated the Lizard's design. I know its based on the original version, but I prefer the dinosaur look. Snout and all.

Dr. Connors talking to himself. Shameful rip-off of Green Goblin.

How Lizard find out Spider-Man was Peter Parker was lame!

Wounded Spider-Man near the end was complete filler.

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