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Default Re: Fantastic Four reborn! - Part 5

Originally Posted by SoNicRaDiATioN View Post
What constitutes a flop?
The official definition is "The term box office bomb or flop generally refers to a film that is viewed as highly unsuccessful or unprofitable during its theatrical run, sometimes preceding hype regarding its production, cost or marketing efforts. To earn this distinction, the film must also fail to earn more than the reported cost of its production, distribution and marketing by a wide margin."

The first order business is to make a great FF film. Fox will want to rebuild the franchise like they are with X-Men. The first film will be a stepping stone to greater things (potentially).
I'll address this quote with another quote..

Originally Posted by Dark Raven
The difference between Sony and Fox is that the original Spider-Man trilogy was a successful series of films. It could've continued potentially instead of being rebooted, but they chose to go that way. With FF, those films weren't successful and generally not well received. Sony could afford to use Lizard with TAS. Besides, Spider-Man is far more popular than FF and could get people in seats on name alone.
Why do we not understand that the the FF franchise that Fox and Tim Story put forth is only worthy to be flushed down a toilet? And rebuilding from that is so difficult. At least X-Men had successful films that XM-FC didn't suffer as much. FF has 0 successful films

and another quote..

Originally Posted by The Overlord
Frankly after you get past Dr. Doom and Galactus, the FF's rogues gallery gets kinda of lame. Annhilius and Mad Thinker are kinda interesting, what is mainly because they were put to better use in other comics then the FF comic. After that, the pickings get real slim. Red Ghost is a one dimensional, outdated, cartoonist political stereotype, Wizard has been a poor man's Dr. Doom for most of his career (recent unexplained mental breakdown, not withstanding), Mole Man is more of a gimmick then a character and his motive seems to go back and fourth between wanting to protect his kingdom and wanting to punish humanity for not well defined reasons. FF writers have been coasting on Doom and trying to just recreate old Silver age stories for so long, they haven't given the FF's rogues gallery the revamp it has needed for a while.
So what franchise is Fox building with the FF? The more interesting villains belong to the X-Men in comparison. In fact IMO TA:EMH Television show made better use of FF's rogue gallery then Fox ever could.

so until this happens

there will be some losses on all sides. But some will have larger losses than others. though I admit that last part of my comment is so fanboy extreme (lol) but the fact remains the future of the FF would serve Fox better if they did a Robopocalypse type deal with Marvel Studios then go at it alone whether the Foxes want to see it or not

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