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Default Re: More of a letdown - Galactus or Parallax?

Originally Posted by Project862006 View Post
eh not really he is very over the top looking bright blue and bright pink snd like 100 feet tall with gigantic horns

somethings just dont work in live action it is not about fantastical many comic characters are over the top looking

why do you think even Marvel didn't do this for Arnim Zola in captain america?
But that's the common trap: you think of Galactus as just the big purple guy, all you're going to get is the big purple guy. His portrayal in "Nova" is great example of getting the character to work: a real force of the nature, less humanoid and more of an impassive god.

As for Arnim Zola, the character had to work with more grounded characters, so in his instance stripping his outlandish elements is justified. But Galactus as a character exists above everyone else, so you can away with him having over the top elements.

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