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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

I totally understand that, caring about what happens to your favorite celebs and their wellfare, but certainly in Whitney's case there were some pretty big red flags for a long time, same with Michael Jackson, Anna Nicole, and River Phoenix. and with Heath I think personal problems with his marriage at least, plus pressure of being in *that* role, plus I think he always seemed much much less comfortable with the spotlight than Tom has been. Tom seems to generally really enjoy the spotlight. I worry more for Chris Evans when it comes to that. So, in any case who knows what really happened to Heath. But I know Tom commented once that he's glad this didnt happen to him when he was in his 20's, which I thought was a very wise self aware thing to say about oneself - indicating that he may not have been able to handle such fame as a younger man, as Heath was when his fame first came, but it is good that he is more mature when this happened to him, so he can handle it all better.

and again, he REALLY doesn't look drunk in any of those, just having fun goofing around a bit in some...

oh, and those people are idiots and trolls!

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