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Default Re: 2012 Major League Baseball: Showdown!

Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
I mean, this is like our 3rd fire sale but this one is different. You have to factor in the new stadium deal with this. Loria is a straight up crook, no way around it. Remember when they were going after Pujols? It's so ****ing laughable now.
Not to mention they didn't win this time like they did in the past. It's the third time but there is no championship to show for it, even though with the new stadium and the firing of Ozzie, they wanted to make it seem like they were going to be a contender that shouldn't be messed with.
Originally Posted by Darthphere View Post
Mike Redmond was managing A-Ball last year, this is like Double A now.
I wonder how John Farrell must feel, leaving Toronto to go to Boston. I mean they are the better franchise, but Toronto just added a bunch of talent in the same year that Boston gave away their own share of big names.

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