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Default Re: What are some of your favorite trailers of the prequels?

Originally Posted by LegendAssemble View Post

This episode III trailer got me so excited at the time. Between the Empire Strikes Back score, the narration, the ominous scenes the trailer really gives off the vibe of a darker more dangerous film than the phantom menace or attack of the clones was, like we were now in the dark times Obi-Wan referred too.
I cant even tell u how many times i watched this one, studying it, trying to catch every single detail . I can honestly say ROTS time was probably the most exciting yet bittersweet time for me. Ah, those were fun times! Hyperspace webcam alone filled my life with joy lol.

God, what was that awful show that was going to feature the ROTS trailer? i remember my cousin came over so we could watch the trailer together, and we just laughed our butts off at how darn horrible that show was...

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