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Default Re: What was wrong with the current trilogy?

The filmmakers of first class kinda reconned It that Silverfox's siter In Origins Isn't Emma Frost.Now the bluray mutant tractor special feature has alternate explantion of Emma frost uses her telephatc powers to make people think of her as a teenager on mission for Magneto.It also tries to explain away the walking Xavier In origins and The Last Stand as
telephatic projection.

Havok Is like the ultimate version.There he was the older brother of Cyclops.In film series Havok Is eather older brother or some kind of other relative of Cyclops.

First Class Is not a reboot.Origins Is pretty much accepted to be Ignored by the teams of First Class plus upcoming the Wolverine and planned Deadpool film.

With the Last Stand It gets tricker.Some have long speculated that First Class should be seen as prequel to Just X-Men and X2.Comments from The Wolverine Director James
Mangold suggest The Last Stand remains In official film cannon but Bryan Singer directing Days of future Past can suggest First Class being prequel to Just X-Men and X2
remains a possibilty.

So my advice Is view First Class,X-Men,and X2 defently connected to each other.Ignore Origins.The Last Stand Is question mark.It may or may not be In Cannon with First Class,
X-Men,and X2.

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