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Default Re: What if Avengers 2 was split between 3 Movies?

Absolutely terrible.

First of all, releasing two parts to the same movie in the same year makes absolutely no sense. If you're going to do a "Part 1 ... Part 2" the ala Hp or *gag* Twilight you don't put them out in the same year, that's just dumb. This isn't a TV show.

Secondly, drawing out Thanos may not be all that bad of a plan, but not over 4 whole movies. The audiences would get sick of it after the second time most likely amd revenue would drop faster than a dead bird on each succesive film.

Plus the actors would never agree to a contract like this, they'd be crazy to. Neither would the teams working on effects or editing. They'd literally need a couple thousand of people to pull off the plan the way you describe it.

This was in no way meant to be harsh but this idea simply cannot happen.

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