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Default Re: Joss Whedon developing Marvel SHIELD series for ABC

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
But NCIS is very different in tone to the Mentalist or other shows like Castle or Hawaii Five-0. What I was getting at wasn't the light tone, but the fact that the characters on NCIS with the exception of Gibbs are all pretty much buffoons with extremely odd quirks. They have this odd speak (almost like mock Whedonesque) and while it might be novel at first, it because grating and annoying. I thought to call it Bellasario speak but in truth other than NCIS, most of Donald's shows haven't been like that at all.

The Mentalist, Castle and Hawaii Five-0 are all lighter and have humour, but they they're not all so eccentric like NCIS. That's why I was saying I don't want SHIELD to be like NCIS, because that is almost typical of early Whedon, before he has toned it down of late.
Ah, I get what you mean. I guess I tend to lump NCIS with the rest of those shows is that it has many of the same hallmarks, including a central protaganist (Gibbs) who functions as and is treated as a semi-omnipotent god in his little circle. And that the supporting cast, as you said, seem to act as if they're in the Gilmore Girls rather than a crime show.

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