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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by AvengingLeague View Post
Seeing as it might be a long time since we get an actual X-Men 4,5,6,etc. I thought I'd ask, what would you guys do for another set of X-Men films? Which mutants from the comics would you like to be introduced? What plot lines and story arcs from the comics would you like to see adapted? Anything particular you like to see continuing from the earlier films?
I actually like that you underline X-Men every time

I also don't want X-Men back at the MCU preventing other as-yet-unfilmed heroes from being made and limiting the Avengers franchise. Here's what I'd like to see from Fox on the X-Men front:

The Wolverine being that awesome action movie you can watch again and again

Days of Future Past being an incredible team up movie with Xavier and Magneto and Havok, Mystique and Beast, then add Wolverine and 2-3 returns from the previous franchise (likely Iceman and Jean, but I'd love Shadowcat and Cyclops too, more cameo roles than anything) with Sentinels and maybe Cable and or Bishop as the new additions.

X-Men 4 through 6 as a great trilogy that basically runs the gamut of the X-Men Franchise facing off against Apocalypse, Selene and Onslaught in stories reminicent of The Twelve, Necrosha and Onslaught, basically. The team will begin as the 'Second Class' that spins out of DOFP, including Wolverine, this time as an ensemble character and not the star of the films.

X-Men TV Show Ideas
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