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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

I just caught up on this show. I had no intention of liking it. I do, very much in fact. It has really defied a lot of the CW-ghetto anticipation and made something memorable. Yes, it is a Batman Begins ripoff. But it does it on a weekly basis for a negligible budget and not only has better fight scenes than the TDK trilogy (you can see the fight, for instance), but forges its own identity by surrounding Oliver with family and making him a killer, both embracing and rejecting the CW mold at once. It's just well done.

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Why are people acting like one dead body is no big deal?

Isn't the classification for a serial killer 3 people?

You have to get more hole punches to get a free sandwich at Subway.
I have no idea why they do that. The fact that what Oliver is doing wrong and often unnecessary,that he is lost, that he is a bit of a monster, is a big part of what makes this show worth watching, imho. He fooled the frickin lie detector test.

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