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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
1%?? I'd counter that all so called fanboys aren't vocal. I kinda see fans like roaches (Stay with me on this one) for every fan you see there are hundreds you don't see and unaccounted for..
People who buy comic books, buy action figures, watch the television shows, or buy the video games. That audience does not number much more than a few million. If you think that it accounts for a large part of the population, you are incredibly uninformed.

Most of what people know about X-Men comes from the movies. Same with Spider-Man, Batman, Superman. For the Avengers, there are probably even less people who know about the comics.

Fanboy tastes don't necessarily reflect mainstream tastes. Iron Man has never been an incredibly popular comic book character, yet he clicked with mainstream audiences. (And don't say that's because Iron Man was comic accurate. Tony Stark in the comics is NOTHING like Tony Stark in the movies.)

So the fact that X-Men were more popular than the Avengers in comics from the mid-70s to the mid-00s doesn't mean that a "proper" X-Men movie would appeal more to the mainstream than the Avengers movie. It just means that X-Men appeal more to the typical comic book reader, who doesn't necessarily reflect the taste of the entire population.

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