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Default Re: Your Top 3 Action Sequences (No Lightsaber duels)

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
I know some people hated him, but i like Grievous. He's just a cowardly character who runs when he's unmatched. I enjoyed his fight with Obi-Wan, especially the bit where they fight hand to hand so to speak, and poor Obi gets punched around a bit (not to mention that we see Kenobi handle a blaster). The part where he kicks Grievous and yells out never fails to crack me up . I do wish they hadnt shown Grievous' arms splitting into 4 before the movie though, that would have been a cool surprise. And of course, the lead in to the fight with Ewan's "Hello there" line is pure awesomeness imo

Oh, and i forgot to add Order 66 as one of my favorite sequences. Still breaks my heart when i watch it today
The thing that ruins grevious IMO is the fact he was SO much cooler in the original clone wars shorts. He wasn't a coward, he was a powerful General who was changing the tide of the war. Then in Sith he's kinda pathetic, I guess if they made him as cool as he was in the cartoon he'd take away from Anakin but still it just felt like such a waste of potential to me. Even back then I was extremely disappointed with him.

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