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Default Re: Joss Whedon developing Marvel SHIELD series for ABC

Originally Posted by mr. peasant View Post
I think the point being made is that they are all exceptionally young (even within the context of their respective settings), they are all techies, they are all functioning as support to the more action-oriented members of their respective teams, they are all prodigies of their fields, and they bicker a lot.

That's quite a few points of similarity, imo.

I don't really think that's the case with NCIS either. Every character on the show is shown to be extremely competent at their jobs. In fact, one of the criticisms I sometimes hear being levelled at NCIS is how such an experienced and competent team is still together instead of each member being promoted onto their own team.
Well it's like Star Trek. The original Enterprise crew were still together long after they should have been promoted. Spock was already the rank of Captain by TWOK. Chekov was Commander (or maybe Lt Commander) in that same film on the Reliant (but ended up back on the Enterprise). It was only by ST6 that Sulu commanded his own vessel.

Dinozo has been put in charge of the team before when Gibbs was captured, but it seems that they prefer to work within their status quo rather than changing things up. I can understand that.

I don't question any of the team's competency or their ability to get results. They just act like clowns along the way and almost behave like they're bumbling even though they get the job done (eg McGee, Palmer, often Dinozo too).

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