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Default Re: Next X-Men films

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
Whoa!!! I'm not advocating Marvel get back the X-Men and whether Marvel owns them will make any real difference. I'm just saying Fox has the opportunity to do it right. You might be confusing my wanting the FF to revert back but this is not the case toward X-Men. Lets say The Wolverine is really good. Then DOFP has every opportunity to make a Billion (or real close to it) But I might tend to agree that the X-Men over exposure and past errors may pose a roadblock but people are still receptive towards the X-Men
Basically? We're at the point where we've had Pizza every day for dinner for a week. The first time it was awesome, but by the 7th helping you're like "Blah."

Interesting you think X-Men 1 being just a "decent" film is also what held the property back? If you compare X-Men 1 to Batman Begins, they both sold roughly the same # of tickets, but one became a Billion dollar franchise, and the other has yet to break $500 M.

There are other factors, but if X-Men 1 had been a great movie like X-2, Spider-Man, Batman Begins, or Iron Man, perhaps the franchise wouldn't be locked into mid-tier box office receipts.

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