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Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
Fox had a great thing going....?

Fox has only had one decent film in 7 years to which they've only made a 7 million dollar profit off domestically. So they have every right to be in a bit of a panic here even if Marvel Studios wasn't in the picture.

Avengers didn't ruin things, it's really still a matter of Fox still missing the point. Forget the shared universe ploy and work on getting your franchises in order. Get a decent script and give supporting character's some competent actors. There's too much character fodder sitting around in these Fox Marvel films. Next, work on the special effects. It seem like most of the budget went into Magneto's epic ending leaving Beast to look like a Chubaka mask from K-mart dyed blue and slightly altered.

And at this point start on solidifying Fox Marvels continuity. If Fox had a true plan in store for the X-men franchise they're wouldn't be so many paint by numbers character's thrown into random films. Create a stable group and produce some spin off teams to interact with.

I think they honestly through Havoc into First Class w/o any thought of acknowledging him him Scott's younger brother or brother period and just like Juggernaut this slight will bring consequences later down the line. Cain Marko could've been a plot line all in itself in future First Class films.

I sincerely doubt that a shared Marvel universe as Fox currently views Marvels will help their ongoing issues. Their lack in continuity is the only thing remaining in continuity these past 12 years. And Millar pitching this 'share universes" for most part only seem's like patch work.

Mark Miller hasn't addressed any of the problems I've just mentioned at all and the reason for it I think is because The Wolverine will still show signs of these issues and he doesn't wanna get caught with his foot in his mouth. But moving forward this should be addressed being that Fox did hired a writer.

So again, I wouldn't put this on Avengers they did what they needed to do in order to reap the rewards. So if Fox Marvel is looking for a quick fix to their issues then rest assured that there wont be much change on their part in future films.
This .

And for the love of GOD, please REBOOT this damn franchise already. It desperately needs it.

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