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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TheComicbookKid View Post
Why are people acting like one dead body is no big deal?

Isn't the classification for a serial killer 3 people?

You have to get more hole punches to get a free sandwich at Subway.
Obviously it is a big deal, but all superheroes are vigilantes which is not legal anyways. All of them would be charged with assault, battery, obstruction of justice. Those are all crimes as well, murder is obviously the worst, but a crime is a crime. Once you start thinking about it, superheroes do more harm than good because half of the evidence they give to the police would be inadmissible.

As they have been saying, collateral damage has to be expected. For all Oliver knew, his kidnappers were going to kill him. Unless I'm missing something, those are the only ones he has murdered. I don't recall him going out of his wa to murder one of the people on the list in cold blood yet.

If you start applying your logic to other characters, Indiana Jones is also a serial killer/cold blooded killer. Half of the cops on tv would be no better.

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