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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

What the show has set up is that he was trapped on an island (alone) for 5 years, being hunted and tortured, where it was kill or be killed. He had to become a killer and now that he is back to Starling City he may think he has readjusted and isn't crazy, but he became institutionalized by the island. He is still in that kill or be killed mind set, where he doesn't realize how its wrong. He sees killing as justice, not that he is going out and being Batman. He is going out to stop guys on his list and using what he learned on the island, including the kill or be killed philosophy. What needs to happen is that Diggle is able to convince him not to kill. Diggle has told him he will guide him so that Oliver doesn't loose his soul in his war, and Oliver saw how Laurel reacted when he nearly beat a man to death in front of her. I think he will become less of a killer.

What bugs me is how everyone always, always, seays to him how he doesn't care about others. His mother, his sister, his girlfriend, Diggle, everyone.

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