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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by protocida View Post
^ It's not nothing, but it's really no big deal either.

He's killing murderers. People who have it coming.
Rich people are murders? Bodyguards are murders?

This is exactly what Diggle was telling him. "You're not a soldier"

Some guy puts on a bullet proof vest and starts shooting Muslims in the legs isn't fighting the War on Terror.

If Ollie had any evidence besides that book, he could have just handed it over to the police. He decided how they should be punished.

From Det.Lance and the people of Starling City's perspective. There is no list. They have no way of knowing when or if the Hood is going to stop.

What happens if one of the names on that list isn't some mustache twirling villain. What if he changed his life since what happened that got his name on the list. Is Ollie going to make him pay regardless?

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